Hear, Feel, Think

Hear... Feel... Think....

Thayrin found himself floating inside and endless blackness. Confused and disoriented, his stomach danced, threatening to heave. He clutched at a spear in his hand then gazed at it blankly for a moment, wondering how he came to hold it when he had been fishing.

A small dark gray hand gripped his sleeve. Rylea was here too. her ears trembled as she floated closer as if to hide behind him, her toy bow held to her chest.

Oh, my beloved children...

The soft, female tones of a thousand voices sung more in their heads than their ears.

I am Hydalen, all made one.

Thayrin blinked.

Before them in the endless darkness was a giant crystal, nearly the size of a city. It was dazzling to behold, as if it was composed of all the star of the night sky's light.

Too early hath thee come before me; not yet has thee blossomed unto thy true potential. But come thee hath, for our need of each other is great.

I grant thee a piece of mine light. Let it show thee thine way until the morrow.

Two small glints emerged from the giant crystal, then danced their way into Thayrin and Rylea's hands. No sooner than they had touched bare skin, than they solidified into tiny gemstones, carved and engraved with a single sigil. Thayrin's was purplish-blue, with a mark not unlike a dragon's head.

Instinctively, he held it to his breast. He felt it's warmth spread though his entire body they out of his left arm, forming around his simple spear, shaping it into an aethereal weapon that would be a better fit for a seasoned warrior of legend. And yet, it felt right in his hands. His mind raced. He had never undertaken any martial training, yet here, now, he knew how to use this ... Gae Bolg to it's full potential.

Thayrin glanced quickly over at Rylea. Her toy too had been enshrouded in the selfsame light, forming something more akin to a harp than a bow. While fear played across her face, her eyes were sharp and full of newly found confidence.

She nodded once towards him.

He returned the gesture.

Go forth, my beloved children. By thine own hands shall thee move forward. By thine own deeds shall thee prosper. Let this trial be thine beginning, and not harken unto thy end.