Just a heads up. Frist off, I want to thank everyone who has been posting comments on AoB. I have been reading each and every one of them and it's worderful to realize there are actually other people outside my close circle of friend who are reading this. Belive it or not, they are helpign me get back on track. Thank you!

Yes, I am indeed working on more AoB ~ Currently got another month and 1/2 laid out and have started inking and coloring. Sorry this is taking so long, but I am trying to fit it between the cracks of all the other stuff on my docket and sometimes there just isn't enough inspiration to go around.

As mentioned in my Live Journal my current plan of attack is as follows:

Do an episode of Ebin & May for publication
Do a painting
Work on about a months worth of AoB
Wash, Rinse, Repeat

With the next episode of Ebin and May in the can (short of being lettered), and my painting done, it's time for AoB. Let's see if my new schedule is one I can keep.