Here's where things stand.

Commissions (outstanding):

JAnderson: Almost done! Just have the hammock to do and a couple of final touches. Will need a place to ship it too soon.

Reto: Done (some time ago) - waiting for email response.

Chmarr: Need to reinstall programs. Model's Done, Rigging's Done. It's getting all the textures painted that's killing me. ^.^

Theo: Need to start, but have ideas rolling around my head.

Need to backup and update all websites (Personal, AoB, all Radio sites). This will be a joy and a half. ~.~
Need to update ad boxes on Radio site.
Need to create ads for Duncan & Mallory and Coyote.

Ebin & May: Episode 38 written and laid out. Blue line pages have been printed. Now I just need to do the art.

Adventures of Blanc: Yes, I know it's been forever since I last updated. Xmas, followed by 3 weeks of plague followed by me messing up my hands has not helped. But it's on the docket, right after I get JAnderson's commission taken care of. Sorry for the wait.

Am I missing anything? o.0