So, it's been forever since I updates AoB, hasn't it? Lots has happened since last I posted here. Let's see if I can give you all a break-down.

First off, folks will notice a new (and longer) URL for AoB. I have been in the process of migrating both hosting and domains over the corse of the past year. Yes, it should not have taken a whole bloody year. But seeing as I am no Internet jockey, and I've been dancing it around my full-time day-job, the process has been slower than molasses in the Montana winter.

Baron and plan this year to start a new, smaller art studio for him and myself called Smudge Marks & Engel Werks. Yes, it's a long name and hence a long URL. I originally looked at SMEW for the URL. But .com was taken by a Canadian political group, and all the others were camped. So long URL it is.

My day job being Radio Comix web-monkey has been both fun and frustrating. I've finally beaten that site into shape over the past year to something that Radio can be proud of. The webcomic section is filling up nicely, and my own comic there has finally gotten out of backlog mode with new content now being uploaded.

I've also spent the last year nailing down digital distributors for Radio as well. You can now find select Radio Comix title at Graphicly and on iOS devices via iVerse Media's Comic+ app, including my own works like Bureau of Mana Investigation. I am really proud of landing those deals. But since I landed them, it means that I'm the one who has to do the work to process all the books for posting too. Weee!

In all that time and work, there has not been room for Blanc. It is something I am extremely sad over, but such is life. But there is another factor at play as well with AoB; mostly that I've stopped playing WoW as I was no longer enjoying the game.

Most my disgruntleness with WoW has been Cataclysm. While I think they did some awesome things with story-lines, they have changed the engine dynamic so much, and forced the rush to the high-end and competitiveness between player and guilds that it became too stressful me. I have a long blog entry on my Live Journal about it that goes more in-depth.

... Continued when I have more battery to post with... ~.~