And Blonidewood joins the guild. That leaves, what... 5 more sigs needed? lol

RL's been kicking me again. ~.~ *shakes fist at RL*

Part of the reason for my absents is that I've been doing webwork for my publisher, Radio Comix. In fact, my long running serialized story, Ebin & May has finally returned to the web on their site now. Yippy! Yeah, it's restarted from the beginning. But at least it has a home again.

And it's already announced that "Bureau of Mana Investigations" will be joining it as well, in due time. I just need to tweak some more stuff on the site and it'll be good to go. Of course I should have learned a long time ago that websites are *never* finished, but hey, I can still dream. ^.~