Sorry this is so late again. Lots of things happening here, mostly revolving illness due to allergies. Annoying since it's really cutting into my work and artistic out-put. Since AoB is done just for fun, it's usually the last thing on the list to work on at the end of the day, and hence the first to "not get done". If you want to know the gory details, you can read up on it in my Live Journal. But it's not like anything disastrous has happened to me. Just chronic case of the full-time sniffle and puffy-headness. It's not like my house burned down**.

More Blanc on the way, just a little more sporatic that usual while I get better.

**Recently, Lea Hernandez, an award winning artist that I very much respect, suffered a tragic house fire. If you have it in your heart, you might want to think about donating a little to help her and her family recover from a horrible loss. PayPal to Thank you.