Arg! Must. Post. More. Often! -.-

Seriously thinking about redesign this site. Mostly to try and get a PhP/MySQL back end to make page generation/updating easier. Yes, right now I'm hand tweaking and posting these pages. When the site was small, it was no biggie. However, as Adventures of Blanc continues, it's getting to be more unwieldy. In a perfect world, I'd move it over to my hard-built comic data-base engine on, but that would violate the World of Warcraft Fan-site agreement and get their legal grumpy at me. And I really don't want them grumpy at me. I LIKE them after all. If I didn't like them, AoB wouldn't exist. So, unless they come forward and say it's cool, I'm stuck having to rewrite a new engine just for this site. Not something I'm looking forward to (especially since the last one took 2+ years to do).

lol! Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. ^.^