And thus, Blanc finds out that one can never have too much inventory space.

It took me awhile to figure out how the bank worked, in that you didn't need to buy a bag slot before you could use the main slot windows. A tutoral ! would have been nice at that point. And after answering several other PC's questions regarding the same thing, I know it wasn't just me being dense. But the game goes on!

A very big thanks goes out today to Tiffany Ross, creator of Shivae! for her wonderful support. If you haven't checked out her strips, you might want to tootle on over to Shivea Studios and give them a try!

In other not-so-happy blog-like things: To the @$$-wipes who hacked the Radio Comix Forum ... Grow up! Your childish prank has endeared yourself to no-one.

'nough said. I need to get back to work now....