Sometimes, I really, really am sad that there is such a strong division between Horde and Alliance. There's been many a time that I've wished to play with friends whom are on the opposite side of the line, instead of trying to desperately maintain 2 to 3 different mains. Even if the language barrier stays in place, being able to group would be a blast in the PvE game and sure would help with trying to PuG. And after watching one friendship go down the tubes partly due to the "us vs. them" mentality encouraged in the game as well as some of the most bigoted behavior I have personally even seen by other players leaves a rather sour taste in ones mouth. Which is truly sad from a game that finally gave me an experience I had been looking for for sometime; a game that I could play WITH my friends, instead of ageinst them. Well, I can dream, anyway. ^.^