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Server mergers are upon us and we've being given a steerage ticket to…

Drooga's Pleasure Barge!

I kinda like that. Way cooler than having our home be 'The Fatman'. Anyway, we need a plan to handle this thingy, but a few answers to questions first.

Why should I move? I like it here!

Hyperspace Cannon will most likely be closing. A majority of the people who have been offered these transfers are taking advantage of it and soon Hyperspace Cannon will be little more than a ghost town. Not a fun place to game, I think. Also, this transfer is free. When Hyperspace Cannon is filled with concrete and shut down, all remaining characters on the server will be forcibly transferred….and there's no guarantee you'd end up with the rest of us on the Pleasure Barge. To get to our big 24/7 party on the Barge, you'd have to probably pay for the transfers. That would suck.

What happens to my character names? And our guild?

Unfortunately, if any of our names (character, legacy or guild) is already taken on the Barge, we will be prompted to change the name(s). As for the guild, it will not transfer. We will have to re-form it on the Barge.

How do I start the transfer?

http://www.swtor.com and log into your account. From there, you go to the 'account' page and on the left-hand side there is a link called 'character transfer'. A few things about transferring:

1) Can't be a guild leader. Titanium will have to designate another toon before transferring.

2) Any outstanding mail and auctions will be lost. The transfer will still happen if you've got outstanding mail/auctions, but they will be gone once you're over on the Barge.

3) Transfers are typically taking under a minute. After you hit the 'transfer' button in your browser, give it a minute and click the 'character transfer status' link on that page to check your status. DON'T HAVE THE GAME RUNNING WHILST YOU TRANSFER CHARACTERS. This can create problems and nobody wants that.

Okay, I'll transfer all my toons over there tonight Once over on the Barge, I'll start a chat channel called 'motfm'. Once we have 4 toons online, we can re-form the guild. Whomever is the temporary guild leader at that point will promote Titanium to guild leader whenever Smudge can make it on. Brandis transferred without needing a name change so make him your point toon to 'friend' for now.

For the Imperial side I will be transferring 'Nihasa (now Tunrida)' over and re-forming the guild there. Since it's only been Silver and I playing Imp-side (and occasionally Belirahc), we will probably think of a new name for the guild, but it would still be a sister-guild to the Minions.

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