5/3 – Siege Warfare in the Roman World
5/6 – Thirty Years of War
5/13 – Stolen Songbird
5/14 – In the Shadow of Empires
5/18 – Princess of the Midnight Ball

5/4 – Breaking the Speed Limit to Pella (Successors)
5/7 – R vs B Coalition Turn 10 in Review (Federation & Empire)
5/18 – R vs B Alliance Turn 10 in Review (Federation & Empire)
5/24 – J1 Urban Guerillas (Advanced Squad Leader)
5/25 – 7 Dash for the Bridge (Advanced Squad Leader)
5/31 – Cretan Blitz (Advanced Civilization)

Busy month! Also, back when I was first starting to do theses monthly summaries, I was looking forward to the time when I could say, 'and here's a game that Belirahc and I have been playing'. Sadly, his life intervened, and the game stalled out. Until now. Those Federation & Empire posts are the latest in reporting a game we've been playing by email.