Rules and Bylaws aka. Words to Game By

In Game

  1. Have fun with the game.
  2. This is a friends and family guild. We're not looking for random recruits just to increase our numbers. Unless a potential recruit is known fairly well by at least one person in the guild, we're not all that excited about the idea of adding that person to the guild.
  3. Play whatever character class you want to play, spec that character however you like. We'll find a way to make it work.
  4. We want to help, we like to help, but we need you to tell us what help you need. If you need something crafted, or if you need some item that one of us may have, please let us know. We want you to succeed.
  5. We're a small guild, so keeping in touch is important. Please read the Forum, get Teamspeak. There isn't going to be someone online all the time, so leaving messages here is a good way of letting us know what you want to do.
  6. We're not that big on PUGs. This isn't to say that we don't want you doing PUGs, but few of us are going to be inclined to join you.
  7. Barring a surprising turn of events, we're probably going to be topping out at endgame 10-man instances. The guild would have to get much bigger than it is to have a decent shot at mustering a 25-man team of eighties. If large raid instances interest you, you may want to start cultivating connections with raid guilds.
  8. Remember, this is a game. RL needs always take priority.
Outside of Game
  • Sometimes voting occurs for Guild related issues:
  1. One must have a login to the Forum to vote and be an active member. By not having a login, you void your right to have any say in the direction of the guild.
  2. A Player can only cast a vote for himself/herself. No one can vote for somebody else or via proxy.
  3. An active member is someone whom is actively playing (ie has logged into at least one alt on either side in the past 15-days). If you go away for a little while due to RL and won't be able to login, please post a note to the Forum so we know what's going on. If you've informed us, your alts will be considered 'active' for the duration of your absents and you'll still be able to vote as the need arises.