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Art and Story by Christina "Smudge" Hanson

Liberty from Hell, Digital Cover

Liberty from Hell, Digital Cover

After the fall of the Roman Empire, during the time of the Idle Kings, the vice demon Phalloide was unwittingly let loose onto the mortal world. He took to his liberty from Hell like a sailor on shore-leave- until he found out that he'd just been conscripted! Now, a soldier in Rook's Claw, a mercenary company, the world's first conscientious objector is finding things on the mortal plane are not entirely black and white. Things only get more complicated for poor Phalloide when the angel Azeal shows up to make him a most tempting offer- if he can keep his libido in check and pass a simple test! Witty and fun historical comedy with a magical twist.

Recommended for Mature Readers (18+)
6 (7 digital) issue comic series
Published by Radio Comix INC

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