Tonight 5/25/19 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I will be celebrating my 4th year of streaming on Picarto! Also it will be my 4th year of being a freelance illustrator.  To celebrate the occasion I will be having an all request stream! To help explain the rules I have asked Princess Celestia to come in and explain the rules for tonight. So please pay attention to her. The rules are:

1. You must be in the Picarto chat during the actual stream to make a request, and I will only take requests when I say it's time. Requests by other means will be ignored.

2. Don't request your OC. That's called a commission. If you are interested in a commission talk to me after the stream. I am too busy during a stream to give an accurate quote.

3. I decide what requests I will or will not draw. If I don't do yours do not become snippy, belligerent, or combative about it.

4. Keep all requests PG-13 please. I don't have an NSFW rating for my channel so it is open to all ages. Also keep that in mind when you are commenting in the chat.

5. If I decide to sketch your request that does not mean you own the art. I have only sketched your idea, and I'm not obligated to give it to you or pay for its shipping to you. If you're interested please contact either by email, a message on Patreon or Twitter, or by note on Deviant Art. I want a time stamp connected to your bid.

FYI. Leatherestia was a request from a past stream. So join me tonight for an evening of art, stories, and some great folks. See you there!