It's that time of year again - the annual 'make Smudge's wallet weep' time as I spend money expanding my little garden.

Over Christmas a friend gave me some sweet raised planter boxes that are going to be a god-send for my back.

Yay - now I need to fill them.

My plans this year -

2 Ace tomato plants (in pots) with 8 Basil planted alongside.
1 Mint per Baron's request.
and Lettuce, Roman and something else that looks to be more of a bitter green

I am trying lettuce, as a quick turn around crop. I always hear people talk as if lettuce being grown year round, but the nursery lady said it was a purely winter crop? I know Kale is, but Roman? I R confused. But I've been wanting to try a lettuce bed for ages so I jumped on for the experiment.

Tomorrow I put in the tomatoes. Had to go get new, larger pots and a new cage for them since the planters aren't nearly deep enough. Cages are set to go. And I'm moving them into a different area in hopes that they will get more morning lite and less afternoon beat-down. Here's hoping for no more sun-scalding.

All said in done. My wallet took one for the team.... and I don't even have most of the planters filled. ^.^;

Wonder what else I should try?