I have actually been working on art. Just nothings scanned to show. Mostly because Photoshop keeps barfing on me. feh.

I do actually have a piece of May done that I want to turn into shirts, and another of Ebin that just need s couple final touches before I can post them. Hopefully, by next Monday I'll have that new May price to show along with the T-Shirts and the WIP scan of Ebin.

It doesn't help that, on top of my work on the Radio Comix/SinFactory Comix site, I have been experimenting with Vue again. Love that program, but it is slooooow when it comes to renders. Also, instead of grabbing the PLE version of the high end package, I downloaded and installed the base program, Vue Pioneer.

The difference between the two is that the PLE locks you out of saving your work, while the other is a base package and to get all the really nifty features, you have to pay. For me, that's not a bad deal, pay-as-you-go for the features I'd actually use, is a good thing. While buying the full package in one lump sum would be more cost effective, when your living by the skin of your teeth, paying piece-meal is a good option. And now I have a system to actually use it on, I is a happy artist. Down side though is to get something to show you guys, I'd have to pay for the render upgrade, which I can't do right now (the base renderer is awesome for stills, but suffers from flickering when animated). So until them Vue will be relegated to "learning and poking" usage.

Once I finish getting RC/SFC upgraded and into mataince mode, I'll be back onto the comics and animation. Paid work before fun work. That is if I can pull myself away from learning Vue long enough to do said things. ^.^