I got back from Bronycon yesterday afternoon. I want to thank everyone who dropped by the Roan RPG booth and said hi. I'm sorry if I couldn't talk to you as long as I wanted to, but Bronycon 2019 was the busiest and most successful convention I have ever done. I want to thank the staff of Bronycon for putting together such a great finale.

I also want to take a moment to address a feeling that some people have that Brony fandom will, or must, cease to exist now that Bronycon is no more and the TV series will be ending soon. I have been involved in fandoms of various sorts since 1989. I've seen many of conventions cease to exist, and fandoms losing their original source of material when the TV, movie, game, or novel series stops creating new content. In every case those fans have continued enjoy it, and often have gone on to create more original content than was ever offered by the original source material. Yes the fandom contracts in size, but it often maintains its vibrancy and passion for the subject.

One only has to look at original Star Trek fandom which existed for about a decade before the movies started coming out, and over 20 years for a new TV series. However it was their passion, commitment, and support for the property that helped contribute to their being new content created for the Star Trek universe.

What I am getting at is fandoms only die when their fans chose to let them die. Will Brony fandom be the same once Friendship is Magic ends. no. But it can still be a unique, vibrant, creative genre. Lauren Faust and all of the crew that worked on the series have created a rich, vast world we can still explore, expand, enjoy, and as fans create our own content for it.

So will I continue to create new MLP art once the TV series ends? Yes. If for no other reason I am still routinely having dreams in my Equestria dreamscape. So long as myself, Petina, and Carousel continue to live in that cottage outside of Ponyville, I will continue to create new content. Will I start creating content based on other properties? Yes. But for me My Little Pony is still a wondrous thing, and friendship is still magic.