Baron and I are busy getting the last minute prep work done for FC 2012. This year we'll be helping out at the Radio Comix table plugging my new book, Ebin & May vol.2 May's Memories. We both also have lost of gorgeous work in the art show and I have work around town in the local gallery show that's running concurrent with FC at the Kaleid Gallery and Slave Labor Graphic's Art Boutiki & Gallery. If your at the show, please come by and say hello. We'd love to see you. Even if you don't attend the convention and are in Down Town San Jose, come by the public gallery show and check out all the lovely work.

Below is a list of work (and links were appropriate) of the work being shown -


May in Blue Dress - original watercolor
Ebin to Battle  - original watercolor
Walking the Path of Ancestors - limited edition print 6/10
Charging Fourth - original watercolor
Thief of Hearts - original watercolor
Zeke - original watercolor

Baron -

Ready to Serve - Original Mixed Media
Carol does Cosplay - Original Mixed Media
Great Day to be Flying - original Mixed Media
Do you Like - Original Mixed Media
Pinky Pie Puttering By - Original Mixed Media
Pony Needs Horsepower, Pony Needs Speed - Original Mixed Media
Jannet and Farmer Pickle - Original Mixed Media

Gallery Show -

Bacchus Dancer - Original Watercolor
Princess Fluffwiena - Original Watercolor
Walking the Path of Ancestors - Original Watercolor