A Patreon reward for Sura-Resch. I've only done a few multi-headed individuals like this over the years. With Halloween coming up Sura wanted the hydra to be dressed in Greek Hoplite armor. Beyond that he left it pretty open for me come up with an idea.

So I started looking at the reference he provided and digging into my own reference collection on ancient arms and armor. As I did this little story popped into my head.

Just so viewers know. The head on the left is Ursula. The head in middle is Victoria, and the one on the right is Hannah. This is the story I came up with for the illustration.

 The clock finished chiming six in the evening then the room went quiet again. It had been like that for several seconds before clock had announced the hour. Finally Ursula spoke up and broke the uncomfortable silence.

"Okay I guess I'm the one who's going to have to say it. Does anyone else see the problem with the Halloween costume we just got delivered?" 

Victoria nodded her head. "Um, yeah we're short two helmets." 

Hannah sighed. "And I don't think we saved the receipt." 

Ursula growled. "Yeah and my horns wouldn't fit in this helmet anyways!" 

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