Hello all - sorry I haven't been posting as much as I'd like over the past 2 weeks. Been busy doing lots business of stuff, that, alas does not include art. It was really important stuff thou, taxes, accounting, moving boxes, making sure Baron keeps focus on his drawing desk, and toss a couple of doctor appointments in the middle of all that.

However, I just landed a job doing illustration work for the next month that is going to eat all my waking time. Can't really talk about it beyond that due to NDA's. I'm really excited for this opportunity so I'm grabbing with both hands. I might not feel the same near the end of it, but hey, that's future Smudge's problem. ^.~

Needless to say, commissions are now closed. If you have an outstanding commission, fear not, my new, hectic schedule takes your work into account.

So until the new project's done, I leave you with an elephant. She's large, in your room, and will not be ignored. Actually, she's my character I'm going to be running in a friend's D & D campaign, which, now that I'm thinking about I might not be able to make the first few sessions. Doh!