Heading Out

Heading Out

When life gives you lemons make lemonade. Back in the 1990s I did several illustration jobs for a game magazine called Shadis. One of the assignments was coming up with illustrations showing weird, surreal, and goofy objects and artifacts that players might encounter in game scenario. The editor asked that I come up with some rather wacky almost Monty Python-like objects that could littered a landscape in a variety of game universes.

I brainstormed a whole bunch of ideas and shot them off to the editor for his approval. One of my ideas was to have some Easter Island Moai blasting off like a bunch of neolithic ICBMs. The editor thought that idea was just to wacky but he liked the idea of the Egyptian Sphinx with a propeller beanie.....Oh well they were paying for the art so it was their call.

However I had become rather smitten with my flying Moais and decided to recycle the concept for a piece of my own. This the final result. I was rather happy with how the lighting and the smoke came out in this piece, and it helped accent the big cheesy grins that the foreground Moai is wearing.

This done with my usual colored pencil, marker, technical pen and gouache on cold-press illustration board. Image size is about 14" x 19".

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