This Saturday 11/28/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be streaming on Picarto.  This weekend will be my annual Second Harvest of Silicon Valley fundraiser.
     2020 has put great strains on charity organizations across the country. The San Francisco Bay Area is no different. Plus the Bay Area and its surrounding communities has experienced historic wild fires this year. 
     I have a target goal of $1,000USD.If we reach that dollar amount then from that point forward the stream would be NSFW. In next couple of days a link to the donation page will go up where one can donate in advance. Note. All donations will be handled by FirstGiving. Neither Caerdwyn or I will be handling any of the funds.
    Everyone who makes a donation will have their name entered to get a chance to win one of the pieces of art I'll be starting that night. So please make certain that you mention that your donation is for the 11/28/20 relief stream. Winners will be announced during the stream.