Pinkie Pie stared at mass of squirming tentacle with a look of  disgust and alarm. A with front hoof she flipped the door of the oven  closed. With that accomplished she looked over at Sweetie Belle who had  remained motionless and silent for the last 20 seconds. After several  more seconds of uncomfortable silence the mare spoke.

"Uh, Sweetie. I'm afraid I am going to have to give your cobbler a, well, um, a failing grade."

The filly sighed. "Understood. So Pinkie, do you want to grade my sourdough starter?"

The pink mare stared over at the sealed stoneware jar. Occasionally it would rock or shake ever so slightly. From within one could hear muffled  scratching and clawing sounds punctuated by moaning eldritch sounds.

"Nope! Not today! Let's um, give it a few more days to settle down."  Then she muttered under her breath. "And hopefully die."

Another of the drawings from my last Picarto stream. The theme of the stream was Back-to-School. Here we see home  economics teacher Pinkie Pie working with one of her more, um challenged students Sweetie Belle.