So, since I lost my old project blog over at WithoutaBox for Longing for home. I though I'd set one up here for the project.

Project history: I started Longing for Home quite some time ago as a contest entry for the Hash Animation:Master quarterly animation contest. I ended up taking 3rd place. It was rough, basic blocking and lots of simple stand-in models, but enough there that I could tell a small story with. After the contest was over, I decided to polish it up and try and make it look the best that it could be. Several years later, and many breaks in between due to RL, I'm still at it, determined to finish.

Where I'm currently at: I'm current in the process of re-rendering the project with a new starscape. While Rose's model has been finalized I'm still not happy with many of the backgrounds and hope to tinker on those in the near future. Also, past the African plans shot, Rose's animation still needs to be tweaked to both liven it up and make sure she is playing her recorder correctly. I also need to work on building a proper spaceship model for the ending shot.

How come with animation projects it really does take 90% of the time to get the last 10% of the project done? lol