Today an amazing TV Series that has touched, inspired, and connected so many of us will come to an end. Back at the beginning of 2011 if you  had told me I would fall in love with magical, talking ponies I would've  told you that you were crazy. However by the end of 2011 Friendship is  Magic had become a part of my life. Not just in the waking world but in  my dreamscapes as well.

I have been  involved in various fandoms since 1989 but the Brony fandom has been  something special to me. The community that has grown out of this show  has made me proud to be part of it, and I have no plans to leave it or  letting it wither away. Yes it undoubtedly shrink some in the future,  but I feel its many creative members will continue generate more amazing  content in the future. I look forward to seeing what this community's  many creative members do next.

I've posted  this piece of Derpy because it was the very first picture I did on a  stream back in October of 2012. At that time I did not have my own  channel and instead I appeared on Episode 26 of  Dusty Katt's own stream Stay Brony, My Friend  which was on EverFree Radio at the time. To this day I feel that stream  opened a door that helped me connect with many fans, and helped  contribute toward me finally being able to quit my day job in 2015 and  go freelance illustrator full-time.

Tomorrow 10/13/19 starting at 4:30pm Pacific I will be streaming on my Picarto channel. I hope you can make it.