A little while ago in my anthro MLP dreamscape Flying Fingers was one of the headline acts at the first ever  Fire Mountain Music and Arts Festival in the dragons lands. Sponsored by Dragon Lord Ember the festival was a multi-day event that ended up being a cross between Burning Man and the Monsters of Rock concerts.

The dragons had never organized such an event before, so needless to say there were some bumps, hiccups, and issues. But overall the festival was considered a success. The event was attended by dragons, ponies, griffins, zebras, and even a few changelings.

For Flying Fingers this was a return to concert performances since they'd taken a 12 month hiatus after the end of their Let It All Hang Out! tour. The girls are back in the studio working on their 3rd album which at the moment has the working title of Get A Room!

While at the festival they were interviewed by Spotlight Magazine. during that interview the mares came out and publicly announced that they'd been in a fairly continuous intimate relationship for the last 3 years. Not that this was a huge surprise to many of their fans.

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