Happy New Year to you all. It's the year of the horse, according to the Chinese Zodiac. As the horse is one of my favorite animals, I have good feelings for the year to come.

As such - I have a bunch of things planed for the new year. First off, I and Baron will, yet again be attending Further Confusion this month. I'll be helping out at the Radio Comix table again, so please come by and say hello.

Assuming I don't get sick this year. If I do, I'll probably just stay home rather than infesting everyone else with my cooties. ~.~

I have a new semi-secret project with a new publisher this year in the works. Yes, I have talked this over with Elin and she has given her bennies to try it. It's an experiment. I have no idea what it will bring, besides more work. But if I don't try, I'll never know. Will post more info when I have it.

Also - thanks to my winter crafting kick, I've opened my own Etsy shop, SmudgeMarks, for my sewing goods. It'll take a bit to get it all filled out with goodies, mostly bags and caring cases for tablets. I'm mostly sewing things that I can start and finish in about an hour. Keeps me from being overloaded with projects, yet gives the satisfying feeling of being done when I hold the completed item in my hands. So keep an eye out for new stuff popping up from time to time.