A recently finished commisson. Often when I am working on an illustration I find it helpful to create a story in my mind to explain why the characters I'm drawing are doing certain things. In this case the character is the client's OC who goes by the  name of Tankette. This may or may not be canon for the character, but it helped me create the drawing. This is the story I came up with for this piece.

         Sulik Khan's eyes continuously scanned the cargo bay of the freighter while her fellow pirates kept watch on the captured crew and the handful passengers who'd been passage on smaller freighter. They'd captured the freighter just a couple of hours ago. Sulik's job was to monitor the portable surveillance sensors that festooned the light armor suit she wore. Specifically she was looking for hidden compartments, security systems, and life forms.

       Sulik wasn't paying too much attention to the argument her captain Victor Havel was having with the freighter captain, but apparently it had something to do with the passenger list.

      "Look! You took on 9 passengers at Arelon 5, but I only see 8 passengers.  Where's the 9th passenger?!"

      "How should I know!" Yelled the freighter captain. "I'm not their chaperone. Maybe they jumped in one of our escape pods! Several of them jettisoned when you shot up my ship!"

      Sulik's attention was suddenly drawn to a stack of shipping containers on the far side of the bay. There was something very interesting about them.

      At the same time a she was aware of an alert chirp in her headphones from one of the sensors.

     "Yeah we're aware of the pods malfunctioning, and we've checked them all out already. They're all empty. So where's this missing passenger?" Victor continued his questioning of the freighter captain. 

      Sulik was intently staring at the containers now. What about them seemed out of place. 

       The alert sensor was now chirping repeatedly in shorter and shorter intervals.

       Sulik slowly released the restraining strap on her blaster pistol. Was because these containers were brand new where as all the other containers were battered and rusty?

      "Well what did this missing passenger look like, and who were they? Because my crew is going to start turning this ship upside down until we find them!" Victor was obviously growing frustrated.

      "She a young lady with red hair. As far as who she was I have no clue. She had a proper travel visa and she paid cash. That's all I can tell you!" The freighter captain was becoming equally frustrated. 

      The alert sensor was now almost a continuous tone now. Was the sensor responding to the containers she was looking at? Glancing up at the top right corner of her visor she finally looked at what the HUD was saying. 

      She felt a lump of ice form in her belly. The sensors were reading an unidentified life form in the cargo bay, but not from the containers she'd suddenly become so fascinated with, but from directly behind her! Quickly she spun around and began drawing her blaster. How could she be so stupid! She knew to always give immediate attention to any sensor alert. 

     Several of her fellow pirate had seen her suddenly turn and were beginning  to raise their weapons. As Sulik's blaster cleared its holster she saw a single figure come vaulting over the shipping container behind her. It was a female with fiery orange mane of hair, but what struck fear in Sulik's heart was what she saw in the attacker's right hand. 

     It was the glowing light of a Jedi light saber. in an instant Sulik's realized she'd fallen for some form of Jedi mind trick. Everything went into slow motion for her. Several of her fellow pirates had already opened fire on the lone figure. She watched as their blaster shots missed the target. Sulik quickly raised her blaster, but even as the pirate did she knew she was not fast enough to stop the light saber from slashing in to her. 

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