I don't know if this qualifies as one of Baron's Art Tips or as simple cautionary tale, but here it is. At the start of Babscon last week I began working on a drawing of an anthropomorphic Rarity (Plainity) in a hoodie. I've been meaning to do a series of hoodie ponies for a  while. It wasn't a commission, just something I was poking at off and on  when I was bored.

Later during the convention SnivianMoon dropped by the Roan RPG  table and talked to me a series of anthro genie pony pieces. My, my folks seem to be interested in my anthro genie ponies. Bottled Six Thumbnails  Last Babscon I had done a genie drawing of SnivianMoon's OC but  this time he wanted Rarity as a genie pony. There's worst things to  want in life. So I decided that first I would do some thumbnails poses  and he'd pick the one he liked, and any poses he didn't like I could  recycle for other ponies. Anyone interested in an anthro Sunset Shimmer  genie?

So I grabbed a piece of paper from  an envelope and went to town brainstorming ideas. It was only after I  had sent the client a phone photos of the thumbnails that I realized I  had down them on the other side of the sheet of paper that had hoodie  Rarity on it. Doh! So the lesson today boys and girls is don't be like  Uncle Baron. Check that you've got a clean sheet of paper before you  start drawing!

If you'd like to see me drawing on clean sheets of paper tune in 4/27/19 starting at 5:30pm Pacific on Picarto to see create more art.