While going through and filling sold orders from the SmudgeMarks & EngelWerks SmudgeMarks and EngelWerks (2, facing left) Icon  ESHOP today I discovered that 2 pieces that were suppose to have posted on 11/17/17 but had not due to a hiccup on the server that hosts our website. The pieces were loaded onto server and scheduled to post that evening, but it didn't happen then. Unfortunately I was out of town at EQLA when it occurred so I did not notice until today when I started filling sold orders. The 2 pieces in question are:

Because you can't have too much Applebloom by Baron-Engel and Bunny Cheerilee by Baron-Engel

So these pieces will be posting on December 1st at 6pm Pacific along with more new work. To anyone who wanted to buy them last Friday and thought they had sold I'm sorry the confusion this might have caused. This is the 1st time this has occurred for us so it didn't think to check for such a scenario. Once again I am sorry if this has caused any confusion or frustration for my customers. We will strive to avoid this scenario in the future.