Well, I've gone and made the leap. It's time to put my money where my mouth is. As of May 21st 2015 I will be quitting my job as Sales Supervisor at University Art and going full-time as a professional artist! This is one of the most exciting and anxious times in my life. From here on out I will be basing my financial livelihood on my ability to generate enough income through my artistic abilities. After nineteen and half years of selling art supplies I will now be using them to pay the bills. This is what I went to art school and college for it is something that I've dreamed of for literally decades, now it is a reality.

Of course this reality comes with a price. The price is that I must make production of art my full time profession. One way of generating income will be through commissions, licensing of my images, commercial contracts, and the sales of original art and print. The other method will be through the support of patron on Patreon link

At the moment I have met three of my four initial Patreon milestones. I am scheduling my first Ustream session for Sunday May 24th, exact start time is being finalized, The first Video Hangout will be the following weekend, once again I am finalizing times and day. Also I will start getting the next dreamscape postings ready.

I will be spending the next couple weeks getting my studio up to fighting trim which will involve moving, relocating and a lot of cleaning. There are changes I have wanted to make for awhile and now I have the reason to do it! Fortunately I've got my wife :iconsmudgedragon: who has been a godsend in getting our Smudgemarks and Engelwerks website up and running  is helping with setting up a project management system that will hopefully make keeping track client's work much easier. Smudge also has a couple artistic projects of her own that she is starting to pursue. More details on that in the future.

But all this would not have possible without support of all of you who have backed Smudge and I over the years. To all of you who have stuck with me through my ups and down I want to thank you. Now let's really get this show a rolling!