Tonight, starting at 8pm PDT. I will be on There is a new program airing called Project Unknown. It will focus on the artists, Musicians, Public Figures of the MLP Community. It will be going over their past, current, and future artworks and projects. In addition it will get an inside scoop on what goes through their mind as they make art, their inspirations, aspirations, and their involvement and history in the MLP Community.

Tonight is more of dress rehearsal to help work out the kinks and test the general format of the show. It will be a 1 hour show and its host Azrael will be talking to me about my creative process and where find the inspiration to creating my work. Since this show is a shakedown cruise it will be rather informal and unscripted. The plan is roughly to have half an hour of interview followed by an hour of Q&A. Future shows will be a bit more scripted and I will hopefully be appearing on future broadcasts. So if you have the time and want to tune in come join us tonight!