Yes I streamed last Saturday. However due to convention scheduling the gaming group I'm in is not having it's regular 5th Edition D&D game this weekend. So I'm streaming again. This means I will be streaming 3 time in the month of May. 
     When I originally set up my Patreon one of the intended goals was to have regular artist hangouts and Q&A streams for my patrons. Well I'm getting one of those started now. This Saturday 5/18/19 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'm hosting my first Q&A stream on Picarto. I'll be drawing as well, but if you've had some questions related to art, world building, or my dreamscapes that you've wanted answered in a bit more formal fashion here's your chance.
  Now like anything there are some rules and guidelines that need to be spelled out: 
    1. You must be a patron of mine on Patreon. Now I have a 115 patrons so if everyone of my patrons ask me a question there is no way I'll be able to answer them all. So I will be selecting the questions that I feel I can answer during the stream.
    2. You need to have been a patron for at least one month already. If you've made a pledge of at least 1$ and it's processed then you can submit your question.  Note. I will be only answering question during the stream. So you need to tune in for the answers.
   3. If your question doesn't get answered be a good sport. I have an amazing community of supporters, and I'd love to just chat, hangout, and goof off drawing all day with you folks. However I have only 24 hours in a day, and I have professional obligations to fulfill. So if I don't get around to your question please feel free to submit again for a future Q&A. However... 
   4. This is a stream that is accessible for all ages. So please submit questions that are suitable for all ages. Also since we all get enough angst from events around us I generally will not be answering questions in Q&A related to:
    A. Current politics. If you want talking heads for that kind of stuff there's lots of people from every spot in the political spectrum who can scratch that itch for you.
    B. Modern religion. Like current politics this can be a lightning rod topic so it's off the table as well.
  I look forward to hearing your questions. Please send your questions as a message on Patreon.