Birds squawked in fear and launched themselves into the humid air as the echo of the last rifle shot carried across the marshy terrain. The smell of Cordite now mingled with heavy, musty odor of the surroundings.

Ujazira sharply snapped open the action of her boxlock double rifle. The rifle's ejector sent the spent brass flying through the air until they landed in the knee-deep water and sank out of sight. The zebra's eyes continued scanning waterlogged landscape as her right hand quickly drew fresh .404 Jeffrey cartridges from her cartridge belt and reloaded the rifle. Her rifle made a crisp clack sound as she closed the action.

With this accomplished she turned around and continued on her journey. The mare was certain her shots had eliminated one of her stalkers. There was at least 4, well now 3,  of them and they'd been keeping her under constant surveillance for the last few days. Leaving an increasing number of warnings, signs, and symbols on her path in an obvious attempt to dissuade from continuing her quest.  What their threats meant to her was that she was on the right path to forgotten temple she was searching for.

This is a Patreon patron reward for Spypone and Ujazira is their OC. This is the story that popped into my head as I worked on the drawing. On Saturday 7/10/21 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be streaming on Picarto. Hope to see you there!