This morning I realized something. It has been over a quarter of a year since I last streamed from the regular studio location. The last stream there was on 3/14/20. Well tonight I'm back in my familiar haunts on Picarto starting at 5:30pm Pacific. The seating arrangement will be different but I will be back to doing traditional media tonight.

Since its has been 3 months I figured tonight should be something a little special. Something that you my watchers really seem to enjoy. So tonight will be an all request stream. Now as in the past there are some rules about it. Those are:

 1. You must have an account Picarto and must be in  the chat during the actual stream to make a request, and I will only  take  requests when I say it's time. Requests by other means will be  ignored.

    2.  Don't request your OC. That's  called a commission. If you are interested in a commission talk to me  after the stream. I am too busy during a stream to give an accurate  quote.

    3. I decide what requests I will or will not draw. If I don't do yours do not become snippy, belligerent, or combative about it.

    4.   Keep all requests PG-13 please. I don't have an NSFW rating for my channel so it is open to all ages. Also keep that in mind when you are commenting in the chat.

    5. If I decide to sketch your request that does not mean you own the art. I have only sketched your idea, and I'm not obligated to give it to you or pay for its shipping to you.

So join me tonight for an evening of  art, stories, and some really great folks. The fun will go until 9:30pm Pacific.