Finally got my personal site back into shape and happy. While it's far form perfect, at some point you just have to stick a fork in it and call it done.

I'll now be putting up my better art here along with stuff for sale and links to the different "shops" I have around the web. Except for originals, I'm having other places take care of the shipping/storage/manufacturing of my different items. Since I have almost no room at my current abode, this seemed the way to go. Less tax stuff I have to deal with too.

I'll still occasionally use my site as a 'test bed" for other sites I manage, hopefully they won't be quite as dramatic as the changes it's undergone recently. As such - I'll probably update here more than LJ, since I can cross-post to LJ now without too much trouble. Wish I could do the same for my other WordPress/ComicPress sites, but the PhP on this server is not up to snuff for that. Feh.

Anyway - keep your eyes pealed for more good stuff!