Slowly, but surely.

I still have a little work to do on Adventures of Blanc. Mostly getting the manger back end up and going. Once that's done, I can re-establish the vote codes then come back to working on this site.

So, what are my plans on this lonely webpage?

Mostly, this place will continue to be links to where else I'm hiding on the net, like Live Journal, DA, VCL, FA, Without a Box, ComicSpace, YouTube, my various webcomics, ect. I'll also have my professional resume and gallery here. This will be the le'creme de'la creme of my work. If you want to see everything that I do, good, bad or indifferent, I'd recommend one of the other gallery archives that I'll have linked here.

Please check back as I get this place straightened out. Heck, soon there'll be a handy subscribe button for an rss feed too. I've also includeded  rss-feeds of my live journal and Adventures of Blanc here so you can see when they've lasted updated.

Speaking of updating, Advetures of Blanc updated today. ^.^

Good things will come. Just you see.