Three and third cents a day, that’s all it takes to become a $1 USD a month subscriber on Patreon. link For less than the cost of a store bought candy bar you can help support the art you enjoy so much from me on Deviant Art and Fur Affinity.

So what does your $1 a month get you? Well if you want to see my dreamscape postings sooner you will. Patrons see all my dreamscape work one week before I post them publicly. Want to see my dreamscape postings often?  The more I generate through Patreon the less I have to pursue other commercial projects to pay my bills. It is fact of life. Every month I must bring so money from my art to help keep the roof over my head and the food on the table. I have no other day job; my art is how I am making a living.

Also patrons on Patreon will have access to exclusive content that will be released nowhere else. I am now starting to create content exclusively for posting to Patreon. Some of it is additional behind the scenes sketches for larger pieces and some will be thank you art created as my way of saying thank you to those support through Patreon. Depending on what tier you choose you will have access to special downloadable and printable content. With increased financial support I will be able to purchase new technology to improve your streaming experience on Picarto. link

Now the question often asked is. “What good would my $1 do for someone?” Here is a simple fact. If every one of my watchers on DA or FA only gave me just $1 dollar a month it would pay all my bills and I could literally spend all my time writing, drawing and posting my dreamscape. And not just Equestria, I could devote more time to my Angel and Knight and Andur dreamscapes as well.  There is strength in numbers and I consider myself so lucky to have so many watchers who find my work so fascinating and eagerly look forward to the next posting.

To my existing Patreon patrons I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. Without your continued monthly commitment I would not have been able to take the leap and pursue a dream I have had for over thirty years. As I continued to get more and more up to speed I want to improve your overall experience both on Patreon and Picarto so you can see that monthly contributions are going to worthy endeavor!

Thank you.