Going to be trying something new with my (Smudge's) Patreon account. Manly using it to posting my first draft of the prose I'm working on, Lumeria's Hive (working title). I'll be posting it weekly on a per scene or two basis (as opposed to per chapter, which are getting mighty long).

You can subscribe to read it on my personal Patreon for one dollar a month there, or here at www.smudgemarks-engelwerks.com via PayPal (BETA). So come along for the ride!

Just FYI - since this is a first draft, some spelling and wrong word usage is to be expected. The auto correct on the system I'm using to write with is trying oh-so-hard to "help". I do have someone doing a read through before posting, but even he misses stuff. Basic editing corrections in comments are welcomed, if not out-and-out encouraged.