Fluttershy jogged out of the surf and up the beach. Once on dry land she took a moment to first remove her mask and snorkel followed by her swim fins. With that accomplished she reached behind and gave the zipper on the back of her wet suit a tug. Continuning up the beach she began the process of stripping the suit off her arms and torso. She'd just finished this task when she heard Pinkie Pie call her name.
       "Fluttershy! We're over here!"
       After a couple seconds of searching she spotted her friends standing over by the beginning of the breakwater jetty. Spying them she started jogging toward them. A few seconds later she reached her friends from Canterlot High. 
        "Morning girls. Oh! This just a beautiful day and the water isn't cold either! I've seen all kinds of fish just out there past the first surf line!"
         Twilight giggled. "Wow Fluttershy! I didn't know you like swimming and snorkeling so much?"
          Fluttershy's damp, pale rose hair flopped around scattering drops of water as she nodded her head. "Oh yes! I want to learn how to scuba dive some day, but, um, I needed get the gear and that's expensive. Plus I need to get certified. But I'm saving for it." 
         Rarity peered from beneath the broad brim of her sun hat. "How's that swimsuit I made for you working you darling?"
         "Oh it's wonderful! It's very comfortable."
         Applejack grinned and passed Flutters her water bottle. "Well I'm glad ta see yer having good time. Now girls why don't we all help Pinkie finish up setting r spot fer us on the beach." She pointed to a spot about 100ft away where Pinkie was attempting to get a large beach umbrella to stay up.  She wandered off with Rarity and Twilight in tow but leaving Rainbow Dash behind. The prismatic colored hair girl had been silently staring at Fluttershy the whole time.
       "Hello Rainbow. Isn't it a beautiful day?"
       "Yeah it's great." Her eyes remained locked on her friend. "That's a really nice wet suit you've got there."
        Fluttershy perked up. "Oh yes it's very nice! I got it on sale! It's very um, snug, but very uh, comfortable to wear."
        She did a little twirl and then sat down on one of the jetty rocks and took a drink from her water bottle. "But I'll have take it off soon or I'll get too hot wearing it out of the water."
       "Yeah your hot." RD said with a somewhat robotic voice. 
      Fluttershy didn't give her friend's comment much thought as she closed her eyes and extended her arms while slowly arching her back. "Oh this such a beautiful day." With arms still extended she opened her eyes and looked out at the ocean.
        Looking away from the ocean upon hearing the camera click.  She noticed Rainbow Dash who was slowly lowering her phone. 
       "Oh! Um, am I in you way? Do you need me to move Rainbow so you can take a picture of beach?" 
        "Uh, well, um!" RD's cheek suddenly had a slight purplish tone to them. 
       Fluttershy got up came alongside her friend. "There you go Rainbow Dash. Now you can get a good shot of the whole beach!"
       In distance Rarity had been watching the whole thing unfold. She sighed and shook her head. "Really. Those two are so naive and clueless at times!"
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