This is my cerva character from Caerdwyn's 5th Edition D&D game. His name is Cedric Blackprongs and originally he was just a ranger and at level 3 he became a Horizon Walker ranger.  However in the course of foiling Kidu, the lizardman death cleric, Cedric was killed at hands of an assassin hired by the death cleric.

When cerva passed behind the veil he thought he'd find himself standing before Kalar The Judge of the Dead. Terrified he prepared himself as best he could to have the deeds of his life judged. But he didn't find himself before the judge. Instead he found himself before Firelord Bey Calavashan: Lord of the Seventh Burning Paradise.

Calavashan is a efreeti-like being who had been accidentally trapped in an ancient arcane artifact. Then accidentally released by our party while we were exploring a forgotten dwarven tomb. Cedric was the first person Calavashan met. Faced with a being quite capable of annihilating him in a single stroke the ranger remembered his manners and politely greeted the firelord. For his courtesy Calavashan gave Cedric a ring that granted him resistance to fire damage and the time chance to summon the firelord one time. The firelord was not obligated to do anything once summoned but he would come.

Ever since that chance encounter Cedric had found himself wondering what had happened to Calavashan. Especially after a major earthquake had rocked the area around Hergen's Bridge. In a brief instant Cedric sensed what could only be described as an Oh fuck! sensation through the ring. Then silence.

Now standing before the Firelord, Cedric was surprised to discover that Calavashan had not brought him and was just as confused. However now that he had guests the Lord of Seventh Burning Paradise entertained the young ranger. Through their talks Firelord realized that this cerva could be useful in the material plane as his scout in that world. So an arrangement was made and Calavashan became Cedric's patron. Then Cheeshee's revivification spell kicked in and the ranger found himself alive again.

Now Cedric is a 5th level Horizon Walker Ranger and a 3rd level Warlock, who's just obtained his familiar as a Pact of the Chain.  Often when Cedric uses his warlock magic little bits flame will dance from the tips of his antlers.

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