Carriage Ride

Hear... Feel... Think....

The memory of those words echoed more in Thayrin's soul than his ears as his eyes cracked open. The swaying of the carriage had lulled him to doze off on the journey. Rylea, for her part, was out like a light, using his shoulder as a pillow, snoozing softly as she drooled.

She had blossomed into womanhood, with a strong athletic frame not unlike her mother's. Her long silver hair was clasped back behind her head and between her furry ears by a barrette of her own making. He smiled softly, then patted her head gently as not to wake her.

It was a day after Rylea's Name Day. They had talked long and hard after the Red Moon fell, of the day they lost of their parents as well as their home; a day that has since been named the Seventh Umbriel Calamity. What to do, how to survive. They had found themselves in the care of Camp Tranquil, helping to mend broken weapons and armor. Fishing, hunting, and foraging for when they did not have enough coin to pay for simple fair over at the Druthers. But they did not only survived, they thrived. Thayrin had found joy in running errands and lending his hands where they were needed in the South Shroud. Rylea too had found her skills lay more in leather working than fishing, when she wasn't gallivanting around the wood looking for something to hunt, that is. Together, they had decided that once they both came of age, to travel to Gridania and join the Wood Wailers and God's Quivers, respectively.

So, here they were; a tall, lanky, pale Elezen man with his annoying yet beloved little black-skinned and silver maned Miquo'te sister, sitting in the back of a chocobo carriage with two dispassionate Elezen twin children and a drunken, sun-baked Hyur trader ... and Moogles.

Uh, Moogles. Black bat-winged, pom-pom headed, marsh-mellow formed, floofy, poofy Moogles. They seemed were more interest in the Hyur's mead than anything else in the cart.

He'd rather not deal with those lazy fluffy butt's shite today.

Thayrin closed his eyes and pretended to go back to sleep.