We've got all the paperwork in hand now, and we have the cash saved up. So Wednesday Baron and I are tromping all over the valley to do the official opening of Smudge Marks and Engel Werks. First it's the City of Sunnyvale Department of Finance for the City Business License, then off to the Santa Clara court house for the Fictitious Business Name filing. From there, we visit the BoE for our resale license, and finally to the credit union to open the company checking account. There's a lot of other things to do too, but that's most of the legal stuff right there.

In the meantime, I have been working more on the site. Mostly racking my brain to balance our art gallery, a sales cart just for originals, and our blog. That may not sound like a big deal, until you realize part of our new business model is that we will no longer carry stock when at all possible, instead handing all product creation, inventory and shipping over to 3rd parties like Zazzle. This way we can remain focused on creating the images/content. But this can create cart confusion. One shop over here for Originals, another over there for Products, a third over somewhere-else for Books, ect. While I think I've come up with a solution, what makes since for me, may not to another web-viewer. So, in the meantime, it's a work in progress.

Later in the week, I'm hoping to upload more of Baron's work to the site. But it will have to wait until all the paperwork is complete and I'm a little more happy with the site engine as a whole.

As always, comments and suggestions are always welcomed.