From a recent Equestria dreamscape posting. Applebloom and Princess Luna did a tag team job on a pony to get them to see the error of their ways. It was very obvious that my subconscious was inspired by the creepy dementor Luna from the Hearth's Warming Eve Tale episode.

    In this operation Luna represented the regrets of lost opportunity that would slip forever through the hooves of the pony who needed to learn the lesson. While Applebloom was the symbol of a frozen future for that pony. A future devoid of warmth, opportunity, or redemption. Her ice scythe fashioned from the frozen tears of anguish and despair that would be shed unless somepony changed their ways. The two faces on the scythe represented the ponies whose lives were being torn part because of the actions of the pony being visited.

    This also seems like an excellent piece to post now because tomorrow 12/8/18 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I will streaming on Picarto . Tomorrow I will have as special guest artist Kendall Harrison, and the two of us will be doing a creepy, Nightmare before Christmas/ Christmas Carol style stream.

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