Hello all! Still busy working away on 'To Kill a Dragon', but I wanted to post a little update of where I currently stand. Just finished another color page. That means I have 7 more pages to go. With luck, I'll have everything done by the second week of February.

Unfortunately, I have a little bad news for those waiting for 'To Kill a Dragon' on ComiXology. After sitting in the cue for months, they have finally rejected issue 2. Mostly due to "need's proofing/has typos" and "images are too low quality/aliased". Okay, I freely admit my spelling is not the best in the world. It gets "creative" at times. But that's why I pass it off to three different people to proofread. Apparently something slipped though anyways. So, when I get a chance I'll go back though the files and see what went wrong and fix it. At least for ComiXology purposes, there is going to be an even longer delay between issues. But I wanted to let folks know what's going on there.

I've also been wanting to upload the pages on SmudgeMarks & EngelWerks, but my heads been so full of just getting the coloring done for the last issue, that keeps getting pushed back. Again, I'm sorry for the delay of that.

A lot of the hangups are cementing in my mind to have a project competed *before* going live with it. Too many delays and interruptions that I cannot seem to recover from, so the best workaround is to have it in the can before hand. At least I'm coming to grips with it now and not with a much bigger project.

Anyways - The last issue of 'To Kill a Dragon' is now looking to come out the first or second week in February. I really hope you enjoy it!