Bureau of Mana Investigation has updated!

Every years, people ask me for a X-mas list. So this year, I'm actually building one.

Now, before I post it, I'd like to say, I actually expect *nothing* for X-mas. This year, like in years past, I am too broke to get anything for anyone else. In full acknowledgment of my failer as a friend and money maker, I fully expect nothing in return. Not even a card.

But people bug me (mostly family) about what I want so here is a beginning list. An up to date one will be kept on my personal site, and will try to update it here as well.

Needed Items
- Riding Boots - Ariat Heritage III Paddock Boot - (Black perfured but I'm not picky) - Figure $150.00 after tax. Unfortunately, these will need to be a special order item since my feet are an odd size (I wear a 9 1/2 mens). I please ask, if at all possible, to order them though Shaw's Saddlery since they helped me lots picking out the size and other info about the shoes to help make my decision about which one I really wanted. And I really dislike the idea of going to a brick & mortar store for info then ordering them online. That's just ... wrong! And since Shaw's is not a large chain thing, and their staff is very helpful, I want to do right by them. Tell them Christina "Smudge" Hanson sent you!
- New BDU pants -

Wanted Items
- A nice warm full length Robe - (Baron got one of these last year from Mom & Dad. We have since named it "The Warm Thing" and would like a second, because, dang, it's WARM! *snuggle*)
- Art Store Gift Certificate - hey, I'm an artist. Since when do I not need art supplies. Prefer one form University Art.

Fun Stuff
- DvDs (in no particular order)- Planetes - Nana - Big Windup - Moribito, Guardian of the Spirit - Slayers - Fruits Basket - Comic Party Revolution - Spice and Wolf