Ok, I know that TOR isn't like WoW. The Empire isn't a misunderstood dark hero like the Horde is. The Empire is, well, evil. And the questing reflects that.

But don't let that stop you!

Almost every quest gives you a 'goody-two-shoes' option and my Bounty Hunter has taken almost every one of those. No shame there. There are a few exceptions, but mostly you can live a good life in the Empire even if you're not a butt. There is a payoff and it's the overall story.

Take Balmorra for example. The republic goes in there and tries to help the resistance. The resistance are pissed-off at the Empire's governor, Darth Lachris and they want her out. They don't especially favor the Republic, but any enemy of your enemy is your friend, right? Well, of course you succeed and push the Empire off Balmorra. No spoilers there.


On the Imperial side, you hit Balmorra in your high teens, well before the Republic questlines take place. You get to see Balmorra right as the Empire is establishing itself and you help to win it for the Empire.

If I hadn't played Imperial, I would never have 'grokked' the overall history of this ugly, brown planet. And I won't even get into Revan. I wont. But it's the same thing. But not really.

So play the Imperial side and really see the whole story. Good luck!