What does this mean to the Muse?

Well to Start with we've started a guild Imp-side for those solo players that want to see the other side of the story. Called Fury of the Fickle Muse, the GM over there is Brandis' Alt. If you wish to join - hop on the custom Chat Channel FOTFM and if someone is there, they will try to invite you.

Also - with patch 1.2 comes the long awaited guild bank system. Now, you might be saying - "What guild bank. I don't see a guild bank." Well, yes. the Muse currently does not have a guild bank... yet. Mostly due to Titan not having the credits on him. It currently costs 600k for the first tab, and he's currently sitting at 200k. So it's going to be a little bit, and a lot of dailies to make up the difference. But Titan is working on it, rest assured!

In the meantime - enjoy!