Hey everyone who reads the forums… I think that may be about three of us at this point. ^_^

Anyway, I have good news. I currently can build All available Level 2 and Epic ship mods. I am currently working on Level 4 mods, but I think La'al has three of them.

Unfortunately, the Epic Beam Generator can only be obtained after completing the space mission Kalee Fortification

Warning. It may take me a few days to pull enough purple rank 5 and 6 metals in order to make these, but send La'al a note in game and I'll begin work on them.

Here is a list of the Epic items.

Beam Charger
Energy Shield
Missile Magazine
Shield Regenerator

Edit: The names and look are correct, but apparently Torhead has not been keeping up with the changes. I'll post the stats here once I get online and can look at my ship.