So I just logged into SW:TOR this evening, only to be greeted by a big shock -

We have all been forcibly migrated to a new server.

Yeah.... As for me, this was completely unannounced. It looks like both Hyperspace Cannon and Dragoo's Pleasure Barge are gone, gone, gone. SW:TOR is down to 8 servers total in the US, 9 in Europe, and 2 for all of Asia.

Good news from all this? It looks like we all landed on the same server and the Guild is intact. As of this writing I have not checked the contents of the guild bank, but will do so shortly.

Now - while this is a surprise, it's not the end of the world. However, I have also learned today of bad rumblings from Bioware's side, mainly the companies two co-founders both stepped down yesterday and left the company to pursue other interests, not gaming related. While there is no proof, there is many rumors of EA's gutting of Bioware, and pinning it on SWTOR's "failure".

For me, I hope SWTOR will be around for a long time to come as I am really, really, really enjoying this game. Just be prepared for a bumpy ride, development side.